NGO “OPEN KHATA” will organize a series of 5 webinars on non-violent communication starting from December 10, 2016 until February 04, 2017. This NVC online course will be held within the frame of the “Social Integration through Development of Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Mediation Skills in Eastern Ukrainian schools” Project by Olga Nhuen*, first NVC Russian-speaking certified trainer of International Center for Non-Violent Communication (CNVC).


Webinars’ schedule:

1) December, 10 (Saturday) – 9: 00-11: 00

2) December, 24 (Saturday) – 9: 00-11: 00

3) January, 09 (Monday) –  9: 00-11: 00

4) January, 14 (Saturday) –  9: 00-11: 00

5) February, 04 (Saturday) – 9: 00-11: 00


NVC online course will cover the following topics:

1) NVC at work (based on the examples of teacher profession)

How to save humanity and to extend it in the system, which is not tuned for human needs? For example, in case we sincerely wish to cooperate with empathy as partners, but our colleagues or managers are focused primarily on the results, plans, evaluations… OR we wish to create an empathetic space, but our colleagues say that empathy is a waste of time. Like, “what empathy we can talk about, if lessons, briefings, reports are needed, and even students annoy us with misbehavior?!”

2) Partnerships and affection

How our pattern of relationship may help or interfere in creating “partnership relations”, in the way we educate or train others? What should we do when we go down again the same road and act the same?

3) Rules for handling “explosive” or traumatic situation

Have you ever felt completely confused and baffled in the “explosive” or traumatic situation? Helpless when a colleague, student or anybody else has experienced emotional trauma? Would you like to know how to help and not to make it worse?

4) Effective ways of self-healing

Have you ever felt that your mood is under a dark cloud by the end of the day (or maybe even on your way to work)? Have you ever felt fatigue, confusion? Have you ever felt the lack of strength and energy either for yourself, or for your close people?

5) Shame and the ways to overcome it

Have you ever been in a situation when you got bogged in hopelessness, feelings of guilt and shame after having received, for example, complaints and critique from your manager or colleagues? Would you like to know how to get out of this “swamp” of shame, and help others to get out? Brené Brown, the world known scientist, says that the feeling of shame only correlates with addictions, eating disorders, bullying and depression. She says that the feeling of shame has nothing to do with any positive or favorable result, according to all modern research. We will get rid of this feeling on our webinars!

In addition to project participants who will take part in NVC webinars with Olga Nhuen, everyone interested is welcome to fill in a registration form ( before December 01, 2016 and make a donation to NGO “OPEN KHATA” bank account, namely for the development of web-portal. Desired donation is 1500 UAH.


* Olga Nhuen first encountered NVC in 2005, when she desperately needed something to help her be the parent she wanted to be. Once she was about to shout at her kid and it scared her to death. The prior 25 years of her life, which included gaining a postgraduate degree (M.Sc.), becoming a fully-qualified CIMA accountant, and also working for a transnational corporation, had done nothing to prepare her for such situation. NVC did help, and it would come in handy again and again: in various situations at home and in her work supporting parents (at various times in the past, Olga has been a breastfeeding consultant, a baby-wearing consultant and a trainer of baby-wearing consultants), in her former role as a charity finance director, and in the businesses she runs. Noticing these changes in her life, Olga’s colleagues and friends began to ask her to share the secrets of her success.

And so, in 2007, Olga began to share NVC. Since that time she has done so in both non-commercial organisations and businesses, and has been part of the teams organising NVC family camps. She has given presentations at conferences, and held trainings in Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, the UK and Ireland. In 2012 she became a CNVC certified trainer. She is currently in training to become an assessor for the CNVC certification process, so that certification can be offered in a Russian language environment. She is writing a book about NVC, and putting material together for the first Russian-language study programme for NVC trainers. Olga is particularly interested in using NVC in the following situations: training trainers, NVC and healing trauma, NVC for families, NVC in organisations, NVC in international dialogue, NVC and neurobiology. Olga is an expert on an “expert board” of the Union for Professional Support of Mothers. Her Russian-language site is and her English-language site is