NGO International Educational Initiative “OPEN KHATA” was officially registered on 30.11.2015, and started its activities in November 2015.

Mission of the organisation

The development of trust, empathy, eco-consciousness and pro-social behaviour in modern society

Values of the organization

The aim is to promote sustainable development, reform and development of education, science and culture, the formation of cross-cultural connections to improve the social consciousness of citizens.

History of establishment

In late 2015 in an article on media resource Kateryna Yasko described a unique impact of international child exchange programs on child development through enrichment of educational and educative environment; formation of trust; eco-consciousness, empathy, and social intelligence. The material had a wide resonance and received many positive reviews. The willingness to take on a child from another region in their family and in their school class was expressed by parents and teachers from all over Ukraine. In November 2015 a team of like-minded people established an NGO for implementing projects of this kind. More about the fundamental ideas of “OPEN KHATA” you can read in the description of the titled “Open Khata” project.

The goals of the organization:

  • To stimulate educational, cultural exchange and peaceful dialogue among different regions of Ukraine.
  • To form a positive image of Ukraine in the world through “falling in love” of citizens of other countries with Ukrainian culture and nature.
  • To revive and develop a sense of belonging in the new generation of children in Ukraine and Ukrainian diaspora abroad.
  • To promote a culture of non-violent (empathic) communication, emotional competence, dialogue, respect for the dignity of every citizen of Ukraine and the world.
  • To form critical thinking, integral consciousness and global values in future Ukrainian leaders.

Areas of work:

  • National programs for children, teacher, and student exchange in Ukraine,
  • International programs for children, teacher, and student exchange between Ukraine and other countries,
  • Ethnic camps, debate camps, “traveling schools” – a new format of education.

Expected results by 2020:

million Ukrainians have read the book “Non-violent Communication: A Language of Life” by Marshall Rosenberg and been on a training on the development of emotional intelligence and empathic communication skills.
Ukrainian children have experienced living in a family and schooling or staying in a children’s camp in another region of Ukraine.
Ukrainian children have experienced living in a family and schooling or stay in a children’s camp in another country.
children from around the world visited Ukraine within the framework of cultural and educational exchange.




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What if real reforms are somewhere here, in people’s minds , in the deep trust to each other?

Kateryna Yasko, psychologist, education expert

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