Project Description

The “Social Integration through Development of Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Mediation Skills in Eastern Ukraine” project will train teachers, school psychologists and children how to use non-violent (empathic) communication skills in their daily life. Through trainings, educational camps and intercultural exchange programs children and teachers will develop their emotional intelligence, improve their psychological health, and equip themselves with tools of non-violent communication and mindfulness. Intercultural exchange program, experience sharing with counterparts from Lithuania and Sweden, participation of Ukrainian teachers and Lithuanian counterparts at the sum-up conference in Ukraine will provide necessary reflection and empowerment for teachers and psychologists. The creation of EMPATIA.PRO web-portal will help integrate the methodology of non-violent (empathetic) communication, mindfulness and peace-making into school activities.

The project will include: introductory NVC training and two master-classes, one workshop on emotional intelligence, two educational summer camps for children, NVC and mindfulness school-camp for teachers, one training on conflict mediation, 10-days intercultural exchange trip for teachers and children from Eastern Ukraine regions to Sweden, a course of 5 online NVC workshops, creation of EMPATHY.INFO web-portal, and a sum-up conference for teachers and school psychologists from Eastern Ukraine regions and their counterparts from Lithuania.