Eva Rambala (Hungary)
Eva Rambala (Hungary)trainer

Eva Rambala is an official certified trainer of the International Centre for Non-Violent Communication (CNVC) since 1999. For 5 years she had closely worked with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of CNVC and the author of non-violent communications method.

Eva has over 20 years of experience as a trainer in non-violent communication and efficient communications. She is an experienced mediator and expert in restorative justice, reconciliation and peace-making in over 30 countries. She has worked with companies, boarding schools and orphanages, schools, prisons, hospital and religious institutions.

LaShelle Lowecharde (USA)
LaShelle Lowecharde (USA)trainer

LaShelle is an expert and professional in non-violent communication and mindfulness. She is a certified NVC trainer since 2006. She has experience of working with Marshall Rosenberg, the author of non-violent communications method, and other NVC experts. She graduated from Body Centered Therapy Centre and took part in the course of trainings in emotional therapy at Gottman Institute.

Irena Pranskevičiūtė (Lithuania)
Irena Pranskevičiūtė (Lithuania)trainer

Irena has 15 years of experience of implementing national development projects as well as the project of the European Union. She is an expert in strategic development of organizations, management and promotion of social entrepreneurship. Irena is the founder of PE DOMUS SOLIS, social change incubator in Lithuania.

Anastasiya Nekrasova, Sweden
Anastasiya Nekrasova, Swedentrainer

Anastasiya graduated from MBA program in Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden). She is a former director for the Swedish Institute Management Program for CSR and Sustainability. Anastasiya has 17 years of experience as a trainer, coach, and organizational consultant. She is an expert in cultural intelligence development and the founder “Intelligent Mindsets” initiative.

Alexander Ross-Johnson
Alexander Ross-Johnsontrainer

Alexander is a creator of the educational program “Mindfulness for Children”. He is also a partner of “Mindful Business” company and a mindfulness (secular format of mediation) teacher. Alexander has 20-year experience in teaching martial arts. He is currently studying clinical psychology at the Russian State University for the Humanities. Alexander’s current focus as a meditation teacher is on creating mindfulness programs for teenagers, parents and schoolteachers. He also works as an instructor in business programs.

Vladyslava Kanevska
Vladyslava Kanevskatrainer

Vladyslava is accredited as the mediator in accordance with the international standards by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR, Great Britain). She took part in creation and development of 9 centres for mediation. She has been vice-president of the “Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground” (2002-2009). Vladyslava is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), Council of the Coalition on Mediation Development in Ukraine, mediator and consultant of the Ukrainian Mediation Centre at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

Kateryna Yasko
Kateryna Yaskotrainer

Kateryna got the education of psychologist at the Institute of Management and Psychology of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. She has worked as a trainer for teachers, psychologists and volunteers in education area. Kateryna has experience of volunteer work in international organisations, such as UNDP and UNICEF; she repeatedly took part in a number of social and volunteer projects.

Serhiy Chumachenko
Serhiy Chumachenkotrainer

Serhiy is a professional business trainer and coach; he has over 20 years of experience working as a trainer and consultant. He is the author of several educational initiatives for children.

Serhiy is certified by Erickson International College (Canada) and Mark Kukushkin Open Coaching University.

Бізнес-тренер і наставник (coach), Сергій має 20-річний досвід роботи тренером, консультантом, інструктором. Автор кількох освітніх ініціатив для дітей.

Навчався у Міжнародному Еріксонівському коледжі (Канада), Відкритому тренерському університеті Марка Кукушкіна (ОТУМК).

Maryna Vostrova
Maryna Vostrovatrainer

Maryna has many years of experience of working as a psychotherapist, trainer, and educator. Maryna received her Master degree in Psychology in the University of Educational Management. Since then she has been constantly broadening her theoretical and practical knowledge in psychology, also studying at the Ukrainian Institute of Integrative Psychology and Psychotherapy in such programs as Art Therapy and Systemic Family Therapy.

Maryna is developing and hosting trainings on development and harmonious relations for women; seminars for conscious parents, and parent-infant trainings on effective communication.